My struggle has always been my motivation. Took me a while to recover from the devastation When nightmares are your reality You have a list of people you would rather be When the anxiety doesn't stop burning And your depression continues yearning It feels like a never ending filmstrip I gotta catch myself , get... Continue Reading →

Ive Been Lost

  I found this in my notes application- Sitting untouched for almost a year. I have a plethora of notes saved, a mess of unfinished poems, unfound emotions, and never ending questions. Sometimes I feel as if I'm writing the same poem twice. Its hard for me to write about sunshine's and rainbows, I'm oblivious... Continue Reading →

I am a Woman

I’m not your prisoner of love These chains can’t hold me down These ties aren't strong enough to hold me down I’m stronger than this, than all of this I know I never had limitations Why are you so shocked to hear that? I’m an adventurous women I am a women A sexual being of... Continue Reading →

The Reality

My hearts been broken before, long ago. I swore after that I wouldn’t let it happen again but it did. All because of my actions, as if being a women comes with its limitations, as if I couldn’t make a decision on my own. As if I don’t work hard enough to please those around... Continue Reading →

Wise Men

I fight like a champion Celebrate my victory with champagne Awaited glory with my head held high I’ve had my guards up, no surprise I can see them coming from a mile The type to creep up on you with a smile Known as the creature with two faces Attempts to blind you with their... Continue Reading →

Take It or Leave It

I've got curves that twist for miles Strut so hard im nothing but smiles I know that my skin is pale And my hair is frail But I don't care Like time, my legs are cut short World on my shoulders, My back has alot to support And you might disapprove But I've got nothing... Continue Reading →

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