This Isn’t Luck

Luck is finding a penny heads up, or even a twenty tucked in the grass I don’t expect you to understand with your head up your ass But don’t disrespect my success by labeling it luck The lazy don’t understand hard work, in the clouds forever stuck You couldn’t fathom the long nights and even... Continue Reading →

Thats Pretty Much It…

I'm destined for success This soul you cannot oppress they say I won't succeed Cause I'm an Ecuadorian seed I won't make it far cause I'm female But I devote myself and I've yet to fail They say success doesn't reach a feminist But with my ideas most benefit I stand strong by my ideals... Continue Reading →

Far from Perfect

Its irritating I'm talented I'm smart My mind is constantly creating art I'm on my game I've changed I've excelled I've achieved a lot I'm far from the girl that used to rebel But since high school the real world swallowed me whole I'm financially fucked and emotionally drained in this world The only thing... Continue Reading →

My Attempt to Rap

This is far from my serious work but I thought it was funny 🙂 Let me reintroduce myself, I'm your highness Cause I’ll kill you with my kindness Don’t fret there’s a method to my madness Don’t drown in the sadness Everyone is capable of this success Depends on how you try, none the less Each... Continue Reading →

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