Ive Been Lost

  I found this in my notes application- Sitting untouched for almost a year. I have a plethora of notes saved, a mess of unfinished poems, unfound emotions, and never ending questions. Sometimes I feel as if I'm writing the same poem twice. Its hard for me to write about sunshine's and rainbows, I'm oblivious... Continue Reading →

Just a Thought…

  Today I was in the waiting room of the civil court office in Jamaica queens. I sat there FOREVER, but when I finally got to sit in the actual courtroom I noticed something that had me thinking for a while. In big bold letters, the first you see as you walk in, IN GOD... Continue Reading →

Paper Bags

Ever look at aplastic bag as it flies away Free in the sky, wherever the wind takes it I wish it was me, for those days that turn gray It goes farther than that I admit It’s time to see new faces There more to life than what I can see It’s time to learn... Continue Reading →

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