Women like me are rare to see We hide in the dark and create the art That sits within the crevice of your skin That pulls out the words that fly like birds Out to the world, I'm that girl Each year, each step another station Just trying to find the right foundations Searching for... Continue Reading →

I’m There

The space between each gust of air The space between each heartbeat The difference between cared and care The difference between defeated and defeat I'm There


There are hundreds of them, lingering like fireflies I'm not sure what time it is but I'm sure the suns about to rise As I fly above my beloved city and return back home I'm going to miss the city with rich culture like loam As I see the lights that brighten the city through... Continue Reading →

Jolly Time

Welcome and hello Please make your way past the mistletoe Sit by the window and watch the snow As it falls down below Enjoy those tasty hors d'oeuvres Prep your body for the Christmas nerves Rejoice with those you love Whether they’re here or up above Help me cut the big juicy ham And for... Continue Reading →

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