Late Night

Late night thoughts Bout everything I’ve come across All the demons I’ve fought All the moments I’ve lost All the if’s, and’s, or buts Those feelings in my gut The tears, raw and uncut Anxiety has arrived , sorry to interrupt

I am a Woman

I’m not your prisoner of love These chains can’t hold me down These ties aren't strong enough to hold me down I’m stronger than this, than all of this I know I never had limitations Why are you so shocked to hear that? I’m an adventurous women I am a women A sexual being of... Continue Reading →

Take It or Leave It

I've got curves that twist for miles Strut so hard im nothing but smiles I know that my skin is pale And my hair is frail But I don't care Like time, my legs are cut short World on my shoulders, My back has alot to support And you might disapprove But I've got nothing... Continue Reading →

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