I am a Woman

I’m not your prisoner of love These chains can’t hold me down These ties aren't strong enough to hold me down I’m stronger than this, than all of this I know I never had limitations Why are you so shocked to hear that? I’m an adventurous women I am a women A sexual being of... Continue Reading →

The Reality

My hearts been broken before, long ago. I swore after that I wouldn’t let it happen again but it did. All because of my actions, as if being a women comes with its limitations, as if I couldn’t make a decision on my own. As if I don’t work hard enough to please those around... Continue Reading →

Thats Pretty Much It…

I'm destined for success This soul you cannot oppress they say I won't succeed Cause I'm an Ecuadorian seed I won't make it far cause I'm female But I devote myself and I've yet to fail They say success doesn't reach a feminist But with my ideas most benefit I stand strong by my ideals... Continue Reading →

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