Drippin in sin Mourning within Walk straight into the abyss To never again feel like this To never again feel Weak against any ordeal Blood drips off my fingertips Numb for I cant feel this I wont pray for the mind gone array The mind will find its way In a field of mindless disarray

One Word

Five letters If broken never settle Simply one word If broken would be absurd   The strength you will need Rammed between the weeds Uncover the truth Sooth the mind Trust, for you’re not blind


I don’t know what it is about Sundays Im good all week or at least some days But then comes Sunday, and that heartless fire Got me calling you a liar Got me taking deep breathes trying to focus Unless I say a word you wouldn’t notice My everything is a mess Fighting demons -... Continue Reading →

I Used To Be

I used to read books stained with a plethora of words I used to overlook it all like overhead birds I used to be shook in other words

This Moment

Peace and Serenity at its finest hour My heart has been over powered The lust is for what I yearn To trust I need to learn But at this very moment My desires are my only opponent For you I want but mostly need You've torn down my solid creed And unwrapped a whole new... Continue Reading →

High School

  I wrote this poem my senior year of high school, as I read it now it reminds me of my mentality and how it has changed in a short two years. Certain names are those of school officials like my dean who used to run around looking for those who were not wearing the... Continue Reading →

A Real Woman

A real woman isn’t hard to recognize She’s beautiful in and out, let me emphasize A real woman doesn’t reveal her golden treasure For any opportunity at whatever measure She handles herself with class That kind of woman you can’t let pass A real woman has more to offer She’s got that kind of mentality... Continue Reading →

My Other Side

I am my own enemy I stand at the frontier On the other side the memories Their weapons, my tears I'm cracking like glass They know all my fears I wonder if I can outlast The way they torment me They’re gruesome At this point I’d rather not see ©

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