Two Decades

So this Thursday I will turn 20 and I clearly remember when I was ten and I was taught what a decade was, and at that time I thought to myself "shit im old" and I clearly remember pondering the thought of who I would be at two decades old, well I'm not who I... Continue Reading →

Mothers Birthday

Out of the billion words on this planet Not one can fully describe your dynamic Your humor, you're Witt that intriguing sarcasm Your ability to deal with my tantrums Your constant devotion for what really matters That powerful drive to complete your masters I've never known a woman who got back up after getting run... Continue Reading →

Birthdays are Rough

I remember when I turned 18 The music was so loud the culture so proud Surrounded by the best crowd I will change the world, I said Nothing but a bright future ahead And then I turned 19 And realized 18 was mean Then recollected that 17 was a waste And at 16 I felt... Continue Reading →

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