Ive Been Lost

  I found this in my notes application- Sitting untouched for almost a year. I have a plethora of notes saved, a mess of unfinished poems, unfound emotions, and never ending questions. Sometimes I feel as if I'm writing the same poem twice. Its hard for me to write about sunshine's and rainbows, I'm oblivious... Continue Reading →

My Father Used To Say

My father used to say that at 11 we truly learn to judge I always disagreed since by ten I already held my grudge My father used to say that those that are lost are without God I disagreed when I was lost and found nothing but a fraud My father used to say it's... Continue Reading →

My Muse

As I enter the valley of death I prepare to take my last breath For the movie of my demise Plays right before my eyes There‚Äôs no light just darkness Playing the girl who could care less I was stuck in the past As life around me was moving fast I watched as I grew... Continue Reading →

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