It’s My Life

I had an encounter today That left me feeling some type of way I have to wonder if it’s all worth it If I earned enough karma to deserve this I asked the skies for a sign next day you appear, my answer in disguise I'm not surprised for I've lived my life In the... Continue Reading →


How do you measure a mess? That for ten years you kept suppressed At each bump an attempt to digress Hoping each path leads to success They used to tell me to trust the process Fuck the process I need to progress I'm not that little girl in the polka dot dress I'm that bitch... Continue Reading →

A Real Woman

A real woman isn’t hard to recognize She’s beautiful in and out, let me emphasize A real woman doesn’t reveal her golden treasure For any opportunity at whatever measure She handles herself with class That kind of woman you can’t let pass A real woman has more to offer She’s got that kind of mentality... Continue Reading →

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