There will be times when the sickening reality of it all sets in Then the thought of how it would have played off had you taken it on the chin Life will teach you its lesson, however many times it takes, you will learn Youll have to retrace each step and pray that in hell... Continue Reading →

Far from Perfect

Its irritating I'm talented I'm smart My mind is constantly creating art I'm on my game I've changed I've excelled I've achieved a lot I'm far from the girl that used to rebel But since high school the real world swallowed me whole I'm financially fucked and emotionally drained in this world The only thing... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I witnessed somethingĀ I didnt want to ever see in my life, a man beating his woman.   Do you think what you did was fair? How many times do i have to repeat the same prayer At first you were my knight in shining armour You had a sparkle in your eye, you were... Continue Reading →

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