Its been a while…

I know it has been a while, but i’m back. I lost myself for while. Trying to get back on track, back in school , back on my feet. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season and the months that followed. I cant believe its march already, i’m sure everyone has all their resolutions started or finished, and if your me, you forgot about it. Ha Ha .  Well i’m trying to get back on it, so here I go. 


We spend all our lives trying to be a better version of ourselves 
Finish the chapter, another book on the shelves 
Do you ever just stop? 
Take a good look and appreciate what you got?
Beating yourself up based on a preconceived notions 
As if your mind is based on useless motions 
Don’t lose yourself in the commotion 

Don’t base decisions off emotions

You may have laid out a plan

Or you find yourself at where you began

There is a path already laid out

Hard to believe but let it play out

You don’t have an eternity

You may find time to be your greatest enemy

Rejoice in the moment cause you really only get one




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