Take It or Leave It

I’ve got curves that twist for miles
Strut so hard im nothing but smiles
I know that my skin is pale
And my hair is frail
But I don’t care

Like time, my legs are cut short
World on my shoulders, My back has alot to support

And you might disapprove
But I’ve got nothing to improve
Because I’m in love with this body and what it can do
And I don’t care

You may not like the jiggle in my strut
or the width of my big white butt
But I don’t care

Im built like a quarterback
I eat as I please there’s no cutting back

You have no right to define me
Cause I walk with my sins behind me

I strut like a queen
Wear what I deem
I am who I seem
And i don’t care

If my size offends you
Complain till your face turns blue
From a bean I grew
And as a butterfly I flew
So I don’t care

This isn’t photo shop
Im real,  accept me for all I got

I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am
Not for who you want me to be, cause I don’t give a damn .

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