Two Decades

So this Thursday I will turn 20 and I clearly remember when I was ten and I was taught what a decade was, and at that time I thought to myself “shit im old” and I clearly remember pondering the thought of who I would be at two decades old, well I’m not who I thought I would be.

I was a decade a decade ago

I was innocent not to long ago

I was blind a few years back

And i barely had a rack

A few years back I could stand on my two

But never knew what to do

A while ago life was simple

Although I was blindly swindled

Life was a mere game

Of never ending gain

At one point I evolved

And my life and heart dissolved

Then my mind was estranged

But when it returned I had changed

Reasoning and comprehension

Finally a time I paid attention

I understood the inevitable

And ignored the negligible

I learned the tricks of the trade

Allowed the ignorance to fade away

20 years pass with a blink of an eye

But a lesson is always nearby

Time doesn’t wait for anyone

It takes a second and your done

But for now I’m to rejoice in my lessons learned

And a life well earned

So To 20 more for sure

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