My Legacy


I ponder the thought of my legacy

What will they think when I go breathlessly 

What will my years be remembered for 

What will they say as I approach the white doors

What will be reminisced 

After I disappear in the abyss 

We worry so much about life after death 

About how we will take our last breath 

What will be the last thought 

Who will truly be distraught

But life before death

Is the minds lingering thread 

Years filled with questions 

And the worlds suggestions 

Like a story, life reaches the climax, teaches the moral and eventually reaches it’s end

In my story, the papers are painted red

My story, lifes never ending winding 

The climax my eventual finding 

The moral, don’t question it, lifes meant to be strange 

And in the end im out with a hell of bang 

My legacy will be my papers, my writings, my truth 

The eventual impact on the youth

Once im gone you can have it all 







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