We Are Here

A secret battle only he can fight
Like a boy turns wolf at midnight
A gentlemen with a heart that aches
His memories like snakes
Like a game of Russian roulette
You never know what you’re going to get
It’s easier to be intoxicated
When life is complicated
A professional in the trade
A life we cannot aid
But even when life is going great
His mind will fall into pure hate
That’s what it does
A black sight and dead doves
But deep down all he wants is to be loved
It’s a constant battle
His mind already rattled
But support is difficult to provide
Especially when you’ve already tried
But behind every shade is a beautiful view
And I made this commitment so to you I’ll stay true
The family you needed
Has brought the support for which you pleaded
Let us help you
Cause together we can make it through

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