Pure Dreams

I can’t swallow this routine
I’ve got dreams that need to gleam
To believe only a handful live the life I desire
I don’t want to blend in I want to be higher
How am I supposed to succeed on minimum wage
This poverty I need to upstage
This life I have made
Has died out, time for an upgrade
I could stare blankly
And picture what my life could be
Or how it would be, if someone understood me
I know my destination
I’ve got the dedication
Every day is my motivation
Every day I reveal a creation
I know the goal but my path is unclear
I’m blind but I don’t feel the fear
Because I know my time is near
As do the ones I hold dear
This isn’t just for me
It’s about the family
Its time to take the boulders off my mother’s shoulders
I feel the book close
but as the story goes
the door has already closed
And the other has just been exposed
I will become a winner
Even with eyes of a sinner

6 thoughts on “Pure Dreams

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  1. Your liking my poem “Ashes to Stardust” has made a “grey day in Texas” MUCH brighter! Come back often; I’ll do my best to make it worth your while. 🙂 Good fortune in the path ahead.


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