High School



I wrote this poem my senior year of high school, as I read it now it reminds me of my mentality and how it has changed in a short two years. Certain names are those of school officials like my dean who used to run around looking for those who were not wearing the uniform so they can ultimately get detention, not nice MR. Javier, headmaster is of course my then principal and Mr. Santa was the college application helper? I’m not even sure what his purpose was. It’s a good insight of my dreams which haven’t changed much.

I wake up and go to school try my best to hide from Javier

That man might as well have a sign on his head that reads beware

You must have your tie and blue button down

I ponder the thought of me walking with my gown

And underneath feel so liberated from that boring uniform

Yet I’ll miss those Spanish girls and the cliché of high school cliques

Lunch room talk about little dicks

Assemblies where Headmaster and Mr. Santa scream to overwhelm our voices, gossiping

The stupid rumors about the that petty summer fling

AOFE will be missed

These four years shall always be reminisced

My future is clearer to me now as I drive down this highway-don’t analyze I’m serious

At the moment I handle my life with care but in a way I’m quite, delirious

I will attend college, something my adolescent mind neglected

That letter
in the mail will come and say every word except rejected

My goal is to master journalism. I’ll be the Maguez salvation

The main idea is to be the Barbara Walters of my generation

With my talent of multi-tasking

I’m going to own the biggest and richest something

10 years from now I would have already seen that great wall, the one that still stands

And the remnants of the one who took the fall

I would have seen 40 shades of green

And then driven to the tower that leans

Experience cultures unpronounceable

Nothing in my life will be incapable

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