The Voice

I’m the voice in your head

I’ve controlled every word you’ve said

Every mistake you’ve made

Every prayer you’ve prayed

I’m both your enemy and your friend

I’m the only one that will be here till the end

I’m the singing in your head

At night while you’re in bed

I’m the voice that will forever haunt you

I am the voice, the only voice that will be true to you

You will hate me at times

And you will love me sometimes

No matter how hard it is to believe

I am the only one you can never leave

Because in the end, I’m only a reflection of my beholder

So in other words, I am the owner

4 thoughts on “The Voice

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  1. Many of those voices are the enemy. We pass them around like viruses. They are not us. If you try sitting still and listening to your thoughts for 20 minutes or so, you will see that there is all kinds of stuff that isn’t you in there. Of course the TV makers have a toxically huge influence on the virus pool these days…. They may contribute to some good things like the broader acceptance of gays, but they simultaneously try to keep everyone squashed into frightened baby shoes. Others of those voices belong to your mother in law, that guy you hate, the one that hurt you, and/or Ke$ha Oprah Yoko Ono or any other media specter.

  2. Oh the voices…lower emanations, I’ve been self-educated through seven years of battles in this regard…all deceit and lies, but how fortifying, if we don’t give up! Until you attune yourself to higher songs, and shed all this shitstorm of auditory narrations that are empty to the core from start to the beginning. Astral voyeuristics, fetishists and thieves.

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