Extra Love

Hey Everyone I know I havent posted in a while ive been trying to make sure this years goals stay on track, but i figured in light of valentines day id post up some of my corny love poems,I wrote these poems a couple of years ago, for me it takes alot to write a love poem and im not all that great at it so only have a few but I hope you enjoy anyways.



Extra Love

Let’s communicate with our hands

Turn on the love like it’s on demand

Watch the candle burn

This love is for what I yearn

Touch me ever so softly

Let all your desires run free

Forget about that bad day

Fall in bed and next to you ill lay

Take all that anger and turn it into pleasure

Have fun looking for that golden treasure

Count my every goose bump

I’ll find that spot that makes you jump

Pump that heart with adrenaline

While finding whom I really am within

Hold me down as I quiver

Waiting for that love to deliver

This is no ordinary lust

This is extra ordinary love

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