Happy New Year

Well as some of you know I celebrated New Year in Ecuador and when you grow up in NYC you automatically switch over to Dick Clarks New Year’s Eve special and enjoy watching the ball shatter with billions of other people, in Ecuador however its completely different, for one there’s no ball but instead paper Mache dolls that are quite amazing and well thought out. Well after you make the doll that is supposed to represent the old year at 12 you light it and burn it up into flames and fireworks are inside the dolls so everything just blows up. It’s pretty awesome.


The past year is shattered like the ball

Time to start all over, your resolutions above all

Every year the same promises the same excitement

Weight loss and an attempt to neglect enticement

A goal to fatten up that starving bank account

An aim to progress an indefinite amount

A hope to mend broken relationships

An opportunity to change your frantic ego trips

Maybe an opportunity to grow mentally

Brush off last year’s mistakes caused accidently

Set a goal to change your life or maybe just asked for continued luck

Complete all odd rituals for a year of wealth, in your pocket must be a good buck

Walk around the block with your suitcase

And a year of travel you shall embrace

Make a wish for a prosperous year

Filled with joy with the ones you hold dear

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