There are hundreds of them, lingering like fireflies

I’m not sure what time it is but I’m sure the suns about to rise

As I fly above my beloved city and return back home

I’m going to miss the city with rich culture like loam

As I see the lights that brighten the city through the night

I reminisce on my nerves during that first flight

Nerves that almost killed me prior

Now I want to stay alil longer, a strong desire

The scene of mountains that stay stained in my heart

How can a country look like a piece of Picasso’s art?

The weather, the people, the experience, the overall way of life

Every morning the sound of the national music, never strife

Delicious delicatessens at all corners

Welcoming all foreigners

No need to stress the bills

Life’s not expensive, it isn’t no Beverly hills

I’ve never felt more inspired

By the country I’ve always admired

As I walk though NY I feel the stress emanate off others

I’d rather be back where the smile smothers

So much history I’ve learned I return a historian

Rich culture that makes me say I’m proud to be Ecuadorian

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