My Muse

As I enter the valley of death

I prepare to take my last breath

For the movie of my demise

Plays right before my eyes

There’s no light just darkness

Playing the girl who could care less

I was stuck in the past

As life around me was moving fast

I watched as I grew up and prospered

As I threw out what I once fostered

Bad choices and wrong turns

I witnessed my parents’ concerns

I saw each friend that once was my best

And each attempt to reinvest

I relived the glory days

And each moment lost in the haze

My realization was that of routine

Every day was the same dam scene

But how can I complain

When my life allowed my creativity to rain

So what am I really going to lose?

A routine or a muse?

3 thoughts on “My Muse

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  1. This could be rap or spoken word.. I did see your other rap, but I think you do better just writing from your heart (although it is amazing how much rhyme you got in!).

    I like the complexity of “The Haze is Gone”.. and the irony of rebelling your parents and society and all the voices telling you what you should be..but at the same time rebelling yourself. This is a very intense, compelling read. Great job 🙂

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