My Attempt to Rap

This is far from my serious work but I thought it was funny 🙂

Let me reintroduce myself, I’m your highness

Cause I’ll kill you with my kindness

Don’t fret there’s a method to my madness

Don’t drown in the sadness

Everyone is capable of this success

Depends on how you try, none the less

Each and every single one of you can reach absoluteness

Don’t fall behind even worse a nuisance

Don’t get caught in that absentmindedness

Remember you already are almightiness

No worries at first were all aimlessness

But then we open our eyes, God bless

And as we continue we smile at our progress

Remember it’s only to make you happy no need to impress

Take a chill pill don’t second think, regress

And DON’T EVER let anybody hold you down, suppress

And if you fall down, convalesce

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