I Strive

I used to say I would rule the world one day

But with the way the world is moving I’d rather help those that have gone array

I want to be up there with Shakespeare

Writing that seem nothing but sincere

I want to master English to the point where my words make one weak

Written emotions that will make your heart sink

It’s not for fame it’s for support

I want people to look at me for comfort

My goal is to help the youth that fall

Stop the suicide, above all

I want to make sure people know they’re not alone

Sometimes it’s hard to realize it on your own

I want to guide you through the brighter path

Leave behind the dark nights of wrath

I see the world through a different lens

I think differently about family and friends

Its cause of what I’ve gone through

But I write to help myself and this is what it comes to

I’ve prospered through my work and I want to prosper so far

That I touch and change others no matter how bizarre

I’m not judgmental, I’m a survivor

And I want everyone to be, that’s what I strive for

6 thoughts on “I Strive

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  1. Very powerful and worthy reason to write! I wish you all the best in your writing the way to healing others 🙂

  2. This is absolutely one of the most powerful things i have ever read…. And i think that we fall on the same page coz sometimes even i feel the same way

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