A Real Woman

A real woman isn’t hard to recognize

She’s beautiful in and out, let me emphasize

A real woman doesn’t reveal her golden treasure

For any opportunity at whatever measure

She handles herself with class

That kind of woman you can’t let pass

A real woman has more to offer

She’s got that kind of mentality to help you prosper

She knows where she stands

And needs no man to lend her a hand

A real woman has faced atrocities

Dealt with the back talk and curiosities

Dealt so much she developed a backbone of steel

Runs through her blood, resilient and real

Walks down the street with a proud strut

Watch your hands! She’s got an impressive uppercut

Although she’s independent and holds her own

Shell tame a man just to complete her throne

When you see a real woman you treat her with respect

Cause she might play you so hard she leaves you erect

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