Modern Mademoiselle

Deep depression when my daddy left

He took so much its considered theft

I’m no one without my mother

That kind of redhead that makes you wonder

Young mind mature thinking

Without writing id be sinking

I’ve gained strength from those I’ve lost

I’ve learned to continue at any cost

Keep my head up high

Watch the time fly

I’m no one without my past

No one without those friends who’ve passed

I’ve learned better then to do those things

I turn my head at the sight of those white rings

I choose to prosper; my family is to live like kings

I’m nothing but big red curls

Soft white curves

Freckle upon freckle

Eyes a mere speckle

Got that devilish look

The mind an open book

Cartoon grin

Smiling within

For those who couldn’t tell

I’m a modern mademoiselle

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