Grandpa tell me a story

About your days of glory

Reminisce with me

About Germany

Tell me about the family you don’t speak of

Tell me how you met your love

Explain to me the beauty of youth

Cause only the wise know the truth

Grandpa can I really meet you?

Not just the man that sits in his box

I mean the man that ordered whiskey on the rocks

The man that used to slick his hair back

The man with an angle of attack

The man with a smile that would light the street

The man who could never be obsolete

Grandpa, when did the lights go black?

When did you start to lose track?

When did the sky turn gray?

When did the time slip away?

Grandpa, what’s the grand mystery?

Please share with me your grand history

9 thoughts on “Grandpa

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  1. Beautiful poem, what part of Germany are you talking about in this poem? I am in Trier on the Luxembourg border. Heart wrenching poem, I hope you got some of the history, my Grandmother was just like this, I got her father’s war medals though and got as much information from her to search for his documentation and I have since done my family tree right back to the 1700’s. Maire

  2. I also find your poem beautiful. I enjoy listening my grandfather’s history in how he starts from the bottom and climb the ladder slowly.

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