If Only…



If only I could rejoice with Gene as nature cries

If only Sinatra and I could fly far far away

And Elvis and I could rock on criminal lane

If only I could have experienced 3 days of peace and music the summer of 69

To see the Beatles really shine

To be enlightened by Luther’s dream

To be shot with fear as the Kennedys faced the extreme

If only time was mine

However its 2010 and we said “Never Again”

If only my eyes weren’t tortured by corruption

And my life was anti useless interruption

If the educated weren’t so stupid

And people would care more about their future then cupid

If people could stop acting in reality

And at least try to prevent brutality

Maybe 100 years from now someone would wish to live these days

It works two ways

But I’ll never know

Because I wasn’t there

For those affairs

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