My Life

I’ve lived my life suppressed

My memories I constantly neglect

I am not strong enough to forget and forgive

So much has happened I’m shocked I still know how to live

I don’t trust anyone not a single soul

My innocence and youth they stole

You’re not to blame but you’ve made it worse

How did someone like you create someone like me?

All I do is think, hoping I’d find the key

If only you knew what your daughter has become

I stare blankly at the sun

For it reminds me of my life, on fire

No emotions, not even the slightest desire

I have been abused in every sense of the word

And as an adult I still feel unheard

When will it pass, when can I move on

Or will the wind pass and I’m gone

Why didn’t you protect me like you promised?

It’s as if I need to make sure you’re at your calmest

When will my voice be heard?

Or should it constantly be deferred?

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