Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. Obama

Leave behind Romney’s drama

Think about the education

And how America isn’t the smartest nation

Make education a national priority

We all deserve this gift, even the minorities

Stop sending money to Afghanistan

It’s been 12 years and there’s still a Taliban

Props though for catching Bin Laden

Wish you had lava he could fall in

I’m proud of your last four years

I understand you need four more till everything clears

It’s not easy cleaning up the last guys mess

Don’t fret I’ve noticed your success

On November 4th I will wait, anxiously

For you to receive your title, thankfully

And back to work you go, let’s reduce this deficit

And boost American made energy till it’s evident

Let’s live pro-choice in life love and happiness

And forget Romney’s ghastliness

Time to bring back the American dream

And fight for the flag that still gleams



4 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President

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  1. Each person had a agenda. Obama agenda is not logic. Hard election. A President with half his people not working or on disability. Kids coming out of college with few good paying jobs. Big companies hiring part time only and mandatory health insurance for minimum wage. 20 million people can afford mandatory insurance. Look at facts. Obama did little. He know how to waste money. I’m a old man. look at the budget of Obama and decide your vote. He doesn’t know what he is doing. He will lead you to a bad place.

    1. I respect your opinion, to each their own, truthfully id rather someone completely different, but ive only got two choices and id much rather see Obama as president as opposed to Romney. Romey doesnt respect pro choice and womens rights and he wants to cut taxes for the rich and leave that debt on the middle class, im middle class and times are tough as it is. I feel like if we gave Bush the oppurtunity to go twice then we should do the same for Obama, his first four years were spent cleaning up Bushs 8 year mess. I think we should give him the same chance we gave him four years ago, because people complanined a whole lot about Bush yet they reelected him. Thank you for sharing your opinion I do respect it and I do see where your coming from.

      1. Punch in USA budget and you will see. I blame the House, Senate and the leadership. Passed 41 bills. lowest since WW2. Need to clean-up or the children will be paying Obama and his House/Senate bills for 100 years. All government record is public. You will be amazed how mush we gave to war contractors. Obama is a war President. He spend more on war then any other President in our history. No perfect man. Obama had his chance. He failed us. Do some research and see the waste and mistakes. I was a Soldier for 15 years. He left our people unprotected in a dangerous area. I pray for logic. Research and the truth will show you the way. I want a serious president. We are 16 trillion in debt. Nothing to laugh about. Bring world leaders to white house and find the way to peace and quit spending. Check on what the world leaders think of Obama. He is not friendly and doesn’t understand this world. My information come from facts. USA budget, my eyes seeing all my neighbors who lost their home and a man who didn’t know the national debt. Facts are easy to find. A blind-folded man will fall off the bridge if he don’t open his eyes.

      2. Thank you for giving me your insight, I enjoy hearing others opinion for it broadens my horizons. I agree with you in the sense that the whole government is to blame for what has occured to our country. I have always felt that new rules within the house/senate need to be implemented for the greater well being. I have always felt that politics in some sense are corrupt, like backroom deals. Theres alot of other things we dont know about that is occuring in government and no one ever tells us the truth. I can read facts for hours but its not all the facts, just what hese choose to share.I cannot predict the future but only time will tell what will happen to the this country, but I do agree that a change needs to be done within all political groups.

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