Imagine a world without criminals and jails

Being good is as easy as following the trails

Imagine a world without weirdo’s and creeps

You’re at ease walking down the streets

Imagine a life without back stabbers and liars

All your friends are true to the bone riders

Imagine a life without death

There’s nothing in the world to threat

Imagine a life without racism and discrimination

We stand as a whole in this nation

But a life like that is far away

And the world could never be that way

So we live life with anonymous faces

The prejudice, sexist and racist

The world is dying

And no one is crying


One thought on “Imagine…

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  1. imagine a world where no one calls you weirdo/creep/scary/etc without cause….. specific behaviors call for specific words. vague fears call for … i don’t know. more analysis. don’t cast blame on persons who haven’t engaged in those specific behaviors.

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